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Welcome, beer connoisseurs!

Welcome also to those who are only just learning to appreciate beer!

 Let us together discover the noble secrets of this age-old drink. It is not, after all, only a drink for quenching thirst. If we allow ourselves to be charmed by its pleasant aroma, balanced taste and long finish, colour, aromatic head and skilful pouring we will carry it in our memory for a long time to come.

Is this always the case, however?
Many people (perhaps only through habit) still drink one “favourite” brand, in most cases a regional one. Whether the real reason is a reluctance on the part of local publicans to offer a different, unknown beer or is related to proud patriotism, in each case drinkers are deprived of the discovery of what is often an unexpected delight. Things are similar when buying bottled beer for home, which is then drunk after dinner while watching television…

The contentment… Who would change anything?!

And yet! Even if today’s world is sliding towards uniformity and large producers make “beer hamburgers” without flavour or fragrance, beer enthusiasts manage, despite the advertisements and the tremendous flood of consumer beers, to find beer gems to savour.

I too am one such enthusiast, and years ago I decided to brew an exceptional beer myself.

Perhaps you too would like to try your hand at it?

Josef Krýsl, brewmaster 

What are the advantages of home or craft brewery?


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